About Dr. Concepcion

I am a doctoral-level (Ph.D.) clinical psychologist.  I have training and expertise in psychological evaluation and treatment of children (3-12), teenagers (13-19) and adults.  I have specialty training in child clinical psychology, and spend the majority of my clinical hours serving children and families. However, I provide therapy for adults as well, especially in relationship to struggles with mood and relationships.  


My Ph.D. is from Kent State University in Ohio, which has been fully accredited in Clinical Psychology by the American Psychological Association (APA) for decades.  I have over 30 years of providing services to persons facing challenges in their lives.  I have worked in a variety of clinical settings over the years, including urban, suburban, and Hispanic community mental health centers, as well as providing psychological services in a children's medical center.  I have also conducted supervision of doctoral-level psychologists finishing their training.  I also was previously the director of a children's mental health center in Minneapolis.  In 2002, I ultimately decided to return to my passion, i.e., helping kids and their families to overcome issues which are affecting their personal happiness.  I truly enjoy engaging with each child/teen and their parents, designing unique psychological strategies to empower each person to take charge of their struggles, to overcome them to a happier sense of self. 

Currently, I offer psychological services virtually, and in-person on a clinical needs basis. I also serve as a consultant to the Behavioral and Mental Health Program at Hudson Physicians in Hudson, Wisconsin where my years of experience aid healthcare providers in better serving the mental health issues of their patients.


My treatment approaches are varied, and include cognitive-behavioral therapy (teaching how emotions and perceptions contribute to symptoms), play-therapy (using play as the medium through which a child can express him/herself and work through their struggles), behavior modification (changing the contingencies in a child's world), and family therapy (changing family patterns that contribute to a child's symptoms).  I also enjoy working with individual adults in therapy, primarily using cognitive-behavior therapy to help them overcome mood issues, relationship issues, or managing the stress of caring for a complex child.  

Personally, I am married, and am the mother of two daughters—one in college and one currently building her career in business.  I understand personally how children do not come to us with an "instruction manual", and how having an outside resource to help your child and family through complicated times can be very helpful.  I am definitely a cat-person and enjoy reading mysteries and baking artisan bread.  My dream is to go to Hawaii any time that I want!

Feel free to contact at 651-714-2000, or e-mail me at Janette@Janetteconcepcionphd.com.

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